Fun Factor

Fun Factor

Make math class everyone’s favorite part of the day with

Fun Factor!

What we offer:

Lively math lessons for the K-5 classroom

  • Hands-on activities to help kids experience math in a whole new way
  • All lessons aligned to K-5 math standards
  • Select from a suite of activities that best serve student needs

Teacher PD

  • Co-developed with Columbia Teachers College
  • Shows how lessons tap common sense, research-proven practices:
  • Giving students hands-on learning opportunities
  • Letting students engage in productive struggle and the thrill of victory
  • Revealing the math in students’ favorite aspects of daily life
  • Facilitating creative problem-solving

We are currently recruiting partner schools and districts to pilot these innovative math lessons together with the supporting professional development sessions at low cost. For more information, contact Shayna Sackett-Gable, Director of Pedagogy, at

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